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Hey, I'm Allie

I've had a love for photography for as long as I can remember. I thought it was the "real deal" until I was introduced to videography in 2012. Then, videography stole my heart! There is something about the movement, sounds, and music that can savor any moment unlike that of a photo. I founded Allie Schroeder Films and Design in 2014 and feel so lucky to story tell those big days, ordinary days, birth-days, long-awaited days, and sometimes difficult days. And while videography is my passion and priority, I do still mix in photography, design, and sometimes even classes. I'm currently based in Northern Utah, but am always up for travel opportunities. My style is a modern spin on classic videography/photography. I use clean, bright, and simple editing. I aim to provide keepsakes that "hold on to the present moment, keep you feeling young at heart, and most of all help you see what is beautiful in your own story."

I'm a wife + mom of three. When I'm not convincing my 4-year-old she doesn't need to wear her sparkle dress for the 10th day in a row (no joke, #Lydiasparkles), you can find me organizing, re-organizing, shopping pretty dresses, or playing tennis with my cute ginger boy. I'm a re-covering “un-fun”, not present nor playful, not seeing the beautiful in my own, so I've set out to find the magic in ordinary days while embracing the mess. Oh, the mess! :) I feel like I'm a better wife + mom when I've also fulfilled my desire to create, so THANK YOU for stopping by.


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